In the past few hours Apple has published a guide with some useful tips for cleaning and disinfecting iPhones, iPads and computers , the same precautions can also be used to sanitize consoles, controllers and other accessories that we use daily.

For a few days we have been facing a real health emergency and most of the population is forced to stay at home, so try to have fun with video games, but it is good to remember not to neglect the hygiene and cleanliness of our devices .

How to clean consoles and joypads

Apple’s recommendations also apply to consoles, controllers, keyboards, mice and other accessories. The Cupertino house recommends using 70% isopropyl alcohol or ready-made products with the same solution, such as sprays or wipes. It is good to have a soft microfibre cloth (avoid those with a honeycomb structure or too rough) and maybe a brush with extra soft bristles to reach even the most difficult points.

A good tip is to try to gently rub the parts to be cleaned with a damp cloth, if the concentration seems too aggressive, try to dilute the alcohol with water. Remember to never spray the liquid directly onto screens and plastic or rubber parts. For cleaning the displays you can use the lens cleaning solutions, available in spray format or in the form of disposable wipes. Do not use aggressive products such as bleaches or other products used for cleaning furniture or glass, these solutions generally contain high percentages of alcohol or other chemical agents in large quantities and you could cause damage or discolor the plastic.

With a toothbrush you can reach even the most minute or hidden parts, useful in these cases even slightly soaked cotton swabs . In any case, remember to carry out these operations by unplugging the console from the electrical outlet and allowing everything to dry thoroughly before reuse. Even compressed air in spray format can be useful for removing dirt, as well as a crumb extractor or a small compressor.