Tom Hanks, the first famous actor “infected” with coronavirus in the United States, had a simple cold, not very high fever, sore throat – in short, the symptoms of a classic flu at any other time of the year.

If he was able to identify that these symptoms hid the infection, he could only do it thanks to the fact that he was in Australia and not at home, as the New York Times points out, not without controversy. Hanks was there with his wife to produce a film about Elvis Presley, in which the actor was to play the terrible colonel Parker, inflexible manager of the king of rock. And the above symptoms in Australia are sufficient to be subjected to the tampon, widely available in the country. Unlike the United States.

(Photo by Anthony HARVEY / AFP)

Because, unlike the stormy behaviour of the Trump administration, Australia has put in place an anti-coronavirus plan right from the start: the country has so far only recorded 128 cases, but has immediately put itself at the forefront of prevention and in contrast to the pandemic. 

“We are at risk” said Premier Scott Morrison, two weeks ago, when it still seemed a mainly Chinese and partially Italian problem “And we must therefore take the necessary steps to prepare ourselves to face the emergency” On that same day Morrison formed a cabinet with the various health managers of the States that are part of the confederation to discuss tests, medicines and hospital facilities that should have hosted any sick people. .

And the tests since that moment have been decisive in the work of containment of the virus in the country, because immediately they allowed to identify and isolate the first infected. In short, quite the opposite of what is being done in the United States, where we are still at the beginning of any plan to defend against the coronavirus. For this reason, Hanks and his wife, as they wrote on Instagram, can well say to their son Chet: “Here in Australia they are subjecting us to all the necessary exams. I think there is nothing to worry about. “