Even in the US, Coronavirus has reached terrible and absolutely out of control numbers. Until a few weeks ago, such a situation was unimaginable, but now it is unfortunately reality. Because of the lockdown, there are many reports of people who have not seen their loved ones in a long time, and are looking for alternative ways to somehow reduce the distances.

From Michigan , in the USA, a story comes that has affected everyone. In order to see his newborn granddaughter, a grandfather walked 6 kilometres until he reached his son’s home. Due to the rules, the gentleman was unable to hold his granddaughter in his arms, but only to see her through the window. Everything was witnessed by his son Joshua Gillett, who testified the incident with a post on his Instagram profile.
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The son of the lord, Joshua Gillett, wanted to testify on his Instagram profile what happened, making the post immediately viral. The photo shows how the grandfather, despite not being able to embrace his granddaughter, only leaps with joy at seeing her, albeit separated by a window. “Knowing that my father can’t hold my daughter in his arms is excruciating,” Joshua explains, “it’s not the first time he’s done things like that, it’s regular now.”

Continuing to read the caption attached to the post on Instagram, Joshua Gillett reveals other details of his father’s incredible gesture. “When my wife was pregnant, my father did nothing but boast of the fact that he would become a grandfather” Joshua underlines: “But now he can only see her in the photograph or from the window, it’s very ugly“. The goal, in addition to witnessing what his father has done, is to send a positive message to everyone: this situation is temporary, and soon everything will return as always.


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This is not normal. This is not fun. This is actually the worst feeling ever – but I know this is temporary. • • Today, my dad walked over 4 miles to our house so he could see Elliana through the window… again. This has become a regular thing. It breaks my heart that my dad can’t hold my daughter. However, as you can clearly see on my dad’s face, he’s overflowing with joy just to see her. He only got to hold her twice before #covid_19 locked us down. I hate that having a window between us is the only way she can see her grandpa – but again, I remember this is temporary. • • While my wife was pregnant, I don’t think an hour went by where my dad didn’t brag about becoming a grandpa soon. Now, his granddaughter is finally here and the only thing he can hold are the daily pictures we send him. However, he knows this is temporary. • • Even if you aren’t worried about catching it yourself: #stayhome for the new dads and moms who can’t wait to have the world meet their new baby. #stayhome for the grandparents who want to hold their new grandchild more than anything. #stayhome for the pregnant mom and nervous dad who are about to welcome home their newest family member. #stayhome for the greatgrandparents who know time is a gift. #stayhome for all the businesses who anxiously wait to open back up. #stayhome for the teachers and kids who are eager to get back to school. And especially, #stayhome for the doctors and nurses who are fighting this head on and would give anything to just #stayhome and hold their kids. • • If this grandpa can resist coming inside and loving his first grandchild, I know the rest of us can do this too. • • #girldad #thedad #stayhealthy #washyourhands

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