The most authoritative scientific confirmation comes from the American Harvard University: taking cough medicine is simply a waste!

Continuous sneezing, stuffy nose, inflamed throat and cough… the latter is undoubtedly among the most annoying seasonal illnesses. Caused by an irritation of the respiratory tract, the cough itself is not a disease but may bring about complications: from insomnia to vomiting to sub-conjunctival and nasal bleeding. A disorder that sometimes generates anxiety: for 61 percent of the people who suffer from it, it turns into a real fear because it is considered the symptom of other, more serious illnesses. An often incorrect forecast that opens the door to the waste of useless and expensive drugs. Much better to prevent cough and counteract it with  natural remedies, starting from rest.

rimedi naturali per calmare la tosse


The cough irritates the gold-pharyngeal tract causing discomfort and burning. A defense put in place by our body to prevent germs and bacteria from reaching the lungs is needed.

Among the main causes of cough we find:

  • Air too cold or too hot and dry
  • Allergies
  • Stress
  • Ingestion of particular substances
  • Inhalation of gases, fumes and perfumes

Here are some simple tips to alleviate the disorder in a natural way with the remedies handed down by the grandmothers. But first let’s start with the basics:

  • Hot drinks that have an emollient effect are recommended to counter the reflex to cough
  • Water reduces the cough – those who drink little suffer twice compared to those who can sufficiently hydrate
  • To prevent the phlegm from thickening, drink a lot
  • Do not smoke and do not expose children to passive smoking


It is important to ensure that the air does not become particularly dry in the room where you are sleeping: it may irritate the mucous membranes. To solve this problem, it is sufficient to attach the classic ceramic humidifiers.

The first of all natural remedies, honey, is able to stimulate the secretion of mucus and promote its dissolution. It is also able to calm the irritations of the gold-pharyngeal tract. Preparing an infusion or an herbal tea and adding honey is a great way to calm the cough.

rimedi-naturali-tosse (1)


Here are all the useful information on how to proceed. For the little ones it is good to follow these simple tips:

  • If the cough is occasional it is better not to abuse the usual syrups
  • Make sure that the little ones drink hot drinks: they have an emollient effect that helps to counter the reflex to cough
  • Children, like adults, must drink a lot to prevent the phlegm from thickening
  • Use steam inhalations but without adding balsamic substances that may be irritating
  • Do not expose children to passive smoking