A wealthy Russian couple earned a space on many news reports after they split their large villa in half. But it wouldn’t be consensual, and the ex-wife accuses the ex-husband of trying to do everything to make her go away from the house, together with their special needs child.

Since the divorce, in 2010, things did not go well between Margareta Tsvitnenko and her former husband Sergei. The judge had ordered to split the large villa in which they lived together in half, but the how was never defined.

Margareta accuses the man of having often tried to make her go away with incorrect methods, including turning off the heating during the winter. But now the man has found a more effective way of creating problems for her. He obtained an authorisation from the judge to build a wall between the two parts of the house, and then called workers who quickly built the building.

The wall might seem a simple act of spite, but it has considerable practical consequences, given that the stairs to access the upper floors are in the part of the house assigned to the husband, and therefore the woman can no longer access the upper floors.

brickwall divorce

The construction of the wall was so fast that the woman was not even allowed to wake up a friend who slept in a bedroom on the third floor of the house, who was thus walled up inside the room. Margareta had to call the firemen to allow her friend to go back outside.

Unfortunately, Margareta must open a recourse with the judge to have the wall demolished, but apparently the woman currently does not have the economic resources for another legal cause, let alone to have a new flight of stairs built on her side of the house.

The spontaneous question is why the former spouses did not choose to sell the house and go live elsewhere: both explain that the problem is that the Russian real estate market is in crisis, and they would risk having to sell at a price much lower than that which was the value a few years ago. If nothing else, they still agree on something …