Now hey, we all know… newborn = lack of sleep, a life turned upside down, new routines, no free time, etc… so when you decide to have a kid, you should know what you will be facing. If not a whole picture, you might have an idea of it, we’re sure of that! You have surely heard new parents comments, so no excuses…

To learn that a couple was ‘surprised’ that their sex life took a beating due to having a newborn around is ridiculous! To see that they killed their newborn out of frustration for lack of sex is outrageous!

baby feet

This is what happened in Burntwood, Staffs. A young couple murdered their nine-week-old son following a boozy argument about having a lack of sex due to their newborn child. Luke Morgan, 26, and Emma Cole, 22, allegedly killed little Tyler Morgan following an argument about money and their sex life.

The court heard Morgan became angry because he wanted to have sex but couldn’t because their baby Tyler Morgan was still awake. Tyler, the newborn, had collapsed when his chest was compressed or after he was “intentionally smothered”. Even though the newborn was rushed to Walsall Manor Hospital, he unfortunately died after suffering other injuries including fractured ribs.

So please, if you’re not ready to have your life turned upside down and you are not ready to make adjustments to your life… practice safe sex! Nobody should loose their life for lack of sex in yours!