A Vietnamese boy and girl had to resort to the emergency care, embarrassed after injuring themselves whilst having sex. How? The two had tried to use a plastic bag instead of a condom.

The two were forced to go to a hospital, where they were both treated for genital lesions and treated with antibiotics to prevent the risk of infections.

Ironically, the two decided to use the plastic bag because “too timid to go and buy condoms”. The choice not to use them, however, led them to a much more embarrassing hospitalisation.

plastic bag

The doctors warned against taking the two as an example, using traditional methods instead of the normal condom: in addition to the certainty of scratches and wounds, the protection a bag offers is very low.

The incident brought attention to the problem of sex education and safe sex in Vietnam: research has shown that only a third of the boys who had sex used condoms. Furthermore, one in four openly declares to be embarrassed by the idea of ​​buying them, and for this reason he prefers the risk of unprotected relationships.