And here’s Valentine’s Day… It’s time to fine-tuning the final preparations to remember the day of love in the company of our sweetheart. Of course everyone celebrates in their own way, according to the style that is most appropriate: but if you are still wondering how to celebrate the day, here are some suggestions that may prove useful.

man and woman lying on bed

For those who make simplicity a style and a philosophy of life, love is a reality of daily sharing and Valentine’s Day is a day equal to others, which ends up going almost unnoticed. What a pity! The occasion can be a useful moment of reflection, a sweet and tender chance to stop and look in the eyes of the beloved person and remind him / herself of the importance that that relationship has in life. Even if we loathe the little red hearts and chocolates, we should not miss the chance: a red rose to devote to her, and a small gift for him chosen among the things he likes are important gestures to remember that the presence of the other is not taken for granted. In any case, at least it is a duty to embrace, kiss without haste and say “I love you”.

If we are in love with the quiet of our home and we want to find ourselves in intimacy and face to face with our sweet half, the ideal for us is to celebrate the feast of lovers at home. If the classic candlelit dinner seems excessive, we are careful not to oppose it too much and do nothing at all! Even if we have just a moment of relaxation on the sofa for an evening in front of the TV, we must not give up setting the table carefully and wearing something nice for our partner. Sexy dress and high heels seem extravagant? Let us remember that a cute indoor outfit can also do the trick! One just needs toput a little charm into it all!


Absolutely forbidden to just brush it off with a text message through phone or on social media. Love is a real thing that is lived in real life. One should go on a date, or have at least a moment of sharing to be spent vis à vis. Does the distance make it impossible? It takes at least a phone call or a video call. But if we really want to impress, we better give up everything and try to pay a short visit to our loved one. Be careful of surprises and improvisations though… It is always better to announce our arrival with a call, giving our half at least a short time to prepare. After all … you never know!

Owls are nocturnal animals, while larks sing before dawn. They are also the symbol of those who like to stay up late and those who wake up very early in the morning. A trend that is becoming more popular – celebrating occasions such as Valentine’s Day with breakfast rather than with dinner. The early riser of the two partners can take care of preparing them with a nice tray full of good things and a red rose, to be served in bed to their partner or companion and to be consumed calmly under the duvet. And then, who knows: being already under the covers, could take some magical spark.


Music and dance fans will not give up an evening to go dancing. Before rushing to the favorite nightclub, however, let’s pause for a moment to think: are we sure it is the most suitable environment for a romantic evening? Maybe it’s better a place where the music is less pounding, like a wine bar. Anyway feel free to go dancing but the conversation should not be made impossible.


An afternoon break and an evening in a spa where you can relax between hot vapors and a couple massage can be a pleasant way to relax together at the end of a working day.


Valentine’s Day is also the right occasion to treat yourself to an experience or a moment out of the ordinary. If we have the chance to take one day of vacation, or postpone the activity to the following weekend: the feast of lovers can be the perfect opportunity to visit a city near or far, visit an exhibition, spend a day of snow sports or for an excursion in nature…

Take your pick… whatever your choice, just make sure you enjoy the day! One last thing… always remember, that you must love yourself first!