A study arrives from Cremona that confirms for the first time in Europe the damage caused to the lungs by Covid-19 . The research, published in recent days in the International Journal of Infectious Disease  (official organ of the international society of infectious diseases), highlighted the risk of the fibrotic evolution of related Covid-19 pneumonia.

The study – The pulmonology team of the Figlie di San Camillo nursing home, led by Dr. Maurizio Marvisi, conducted the study on 90 patients discharged from the nursing home and underwent a thoracic CT scan first in the acute phase and then after 8 weeks. It was found that about 25% of these developed pulmonary fibrosis.

Consequences – Smokers, older people and people with chronic diseases, diabetics and hypertension seem to be most at risk. The result of this study is particularly important, because the development of pulmonary fibrosis causes breathlessness at every slightest effort and, in the most severe cases, even at rest.