There were 7 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours, after 738 tests were carried out. 6 of the cases were the result of local transmission, and thus this has confirmed the tendency for the virus to start being spread through this manner, rather than through travel. In all, there are 195 persons who were positive for the virus.

All patients are in good condition of health. There are 2 patients in ITU, with a patient who previously was in critical condition having taken a turn for the better. In Mater Dei there are 10 patients, with another 16 being recovered in a private hospital, and the rest quarantined at home under medical observation.

The appeal by the Health authorities remains for anyone who feels any symptoms, even if slight, not to report for work, and to call 111. One should remain at home and not go out until the result is issued.

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In Mater Dei, some 800 tests for Covid-19 can now start being conducted, and thus Health authorities’ capacity to increase the number of tests has been solidified. Apart from Mater Dei, tests are also being conducted in 3 other specialized hubs: Luxol ground in Pembroke; Ħal Farruġ, and Xewkija Gozo. Up till today more than 8,297 swabs have been carried out.

The strategy against the virus’s spread also allows for as many tests as possible on people to be carried out. The more that tests are carried out, the more those who have the virus are found so that no further persons are infected. WHO has praised the strategy that the country has adopted and has termed Malta as a model in the fight against Covid-19


18 persons were each fined €100 during the rounds Police conducted in the last 24 hours to ensure no gatherings exceeding 3 persons take place anywhere in public places, as per the legal notice issued by Government.

Meanwhile 10 persons have been caught breaking quarantine during the 440 inspections carried out by Police, together with the Department of Health and Civil Protection, on those under obligatory quarantine. These 10 persons have each been fined €3,000. 65 fines have been issued from when inspections started. The appeal as always remains for each and every one of us to be responsible and co-operate with the directives given by the authorities.


Food and drinks establishments continued to follow the regulations for their closure, so that the spread of coronavirus be contained. Yesterday, more than 720 inspections in 27 localities in Malta, and a further 160 inspections in 11 localities in Gozo were carried out. No infringements have been found.

Nearly 12,000 inspections have been since carried out. Establishments that are caught breaking this regulation and open their doors to clients are fined €3,000 each time they are caught doing so. Abuses are to be reported on 21692447.

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Protection measures that apply to the Pitkali vegetable market, fish market, and abattoir, were taken so that both the buildings and the operations that are carried out in them safeguard against the spread of Covid-19.

Therefore, there will be limited access to these buildings; screening and temperature-reading will apply before one gains access; an increase in the practices and procedures adopted, and an increase in equipment and sanitary apparatus. A pilot project will also be launched with regards to consignments of online orders from the pitkalija. These measures are part of the strategy both to safeguard the safety of the food product, as well as the health of employees in these sectors.

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Summer Carnival will not be held this year, even in the scenario where the spread of Covid-19 would have diminished. Preparations for Summer Carnival ensue from months prior, but to safeguard social distancing as announced by Health authorities, Festivals Malta said that it will not risk the health of the participants during the months in which preparations are carried out.

In the meantime, initiatives to help NGOs to be in a position to serve the public more have been rolled out. A hotline – 79481120 – has been started, as well as an online help desk: Services offered include providing answers about funds and services offered by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector.

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