Last night the 13 March 2020 we have seen amendments to the “Minimum Special Leave Entitlement Regulations SL 452.101” which it is aimed to pave the way for a new “Quarantine Leave” which leave shall be paid for all employees, including those whose conditions are governed by a Work Regulation Order.

“Quarantine leave” is now identified as leave to be granted to employee without loss of wages in such cases where the employee is legally obliged to abide by a quarantine order confining the employee to a certain area or to certain premises as determined by the Superintendent of Public Health under the Public Health Act or by any public authority under any other law.


Therefore every employee shall be entitled to be granted by his employer Quarantine leave for any period of quarantine as may be determined by the Superintendent of Public Health or by any other public authority.

The employer is entitled to request evidence or proof of such requirement. Contravening such regulations is considered as an offence with a fine set at a minimum of €465.87.

Source: Linkedin (Natalino Caruana de Brincat)