A dad said he was left ‘fuming’ after he realised his baby’s new teething toy looks like something rather rude.

Dean Flight, 31, didn’t think twice about giving his six-month-old daughter Harleigh her new butterfly toy to play with. But it was when she turned it upside down and began teething with it that he saw what it resembled.

“She was playing with it when we first gave it to her. As I turned around to see her she had it upside down. Both her hands had folded the wings round like I showed in the photo and she was sucking on the smaller end. I was fuming. As soon as we realised we took it straight off her.”

The new dad, from Kent, said the toy is part of the Playgro teething pack, which was given to Harleigh as a present. He suggested the toy makers intentionally made it look like a penis as some kind of ‘joke’.

He said: ‘The pack has a big butterfly which is fine from any angle, some of the little plastic hard ones, and the little butterfly. When you hold the little butterfly upside down it looks quite rude. If it was just one colour without the straps separating the three parts then maybe it would look less like it. But it’s the fact it’s in three separate sections, it’s almost like it’s the balls, shaft and the end. It feels like it was an entire joke.”

Image: Playgro

Source: MetroUK