When you soak the biscuits in milk or tea, you often find yourself faced with the annoyance of biscuits that once soaked break and then “lose” on the bottom of the cup. My grandma used to help me ‘fish’ for the missing biscuits with a teaspoon, but Andrew Tinsley thought of something else…

Anyone who has soaked a biscuit in tea understands the problem and what the purpose of the product is. It is a British solution to a British problem,” says 49-year-old Andrew Tinsley, a father of two, who invented a product that definitely solves the problem.

It is basically a retina (similar to a tea bag open on one side) in which to insert the biscuit before soaking it, thus retaining any pieces of biscuit that break. The retina is made of nylon, so that it can be reused several times.


The idea came to me after a hearty meal with my family, where in the end we were all sitting drinking tea and dipping biscuits. My brother had drunk a little too much, and he kept the biscuits a little too long in tea, and they kept breaking. We all joked that it would be the case that someone invented something to collect broken cookies. I started thinking. I always had a spirit of initiative and eventually I came up with this little bag,” says Tinsley.