Becoming parents is a roller coaster, especially for the mother. One thing we dislike is the fact that people keep ‘pressuring’ new mothers to breastfeed, as if this were to be the easiest thing on Earth.

Now, it might get easier… as new fathers can now help their partners when it comes to their babies and their feedings. There’s a new tool that allows dads to “breastfeed” their newborns with a wearable device that allows mums to take a break from their around-the-clock breastfeeding schedule.

A Japanese tech company called Denstu Inc. is making it easier for dads to breastfeed. They have just debuted a product called the Father’s Nursing Assistant, which is a wearable nursing device that was designed with dads in mind.

The invention closely resembles a woman’s real breast, in hopes that a newborn would latch on to the device the same way it would latch on to their mother. The machine comes with a container for breast milk. While nursing, dads can hold their babies the same way a mother would hold the tot to her breast. The Father’s Nursing Assistant also helps track the baby’s sleeping and feeding schedule.

dad breastfeeding
Image: Dentsu Inc

One of the reasons why Dentsu Inc. came up with and developed the product is because fathers in Japan don’t participate as often with newborn feedings and sleeping. They are hoping to alleviate some of the stress associated with the little to no sleep that many first-time mothers often have to deal with.

The invention not only allows fathers to bond and get a little closer to their child but gives mums a much-needed break. Many breastfeeding mothers wake up three to four times a night to nurse their child during the first several weeks of a baby’s life, or at least until the child begins to sleep for longer stretches.