Ice lollies in private parts to fight the heat? It seems to be the new fashion of the summer 2019. And it is something to be avoided. The doctors explained that it is extremely dangerous. The alarm related to popsicles in the private parts comes from the United Kingdom and has spread to other countries

Popsicles in the private parts to fight the heat – vagina composed of sensitive and delicate skin. Watch out for ice and microbes!!!

Why is it dangerous to put popsicles in the private parts? Sarah Velsh, co-founder of the Hanx brand of condoms, at explained: “The vagina is composed of a sensitive and delicate skin. Ice can stick to the skin and cause real trauma. Then inserting any food into the vagina can lead to some microbes entering, interrupting the normal balance and allowing the formation of a battery growth environment and the development of bad infections“.

Icicles in the private parts due to the heat, the gynaecologist speaks – food colouring and vaginal pH

The fashion of putting the popsicles in the private parts for the heat is not recommended also by the gynaecologist Anne Henderson. “Anything with food colouring, high levels of sugar or perfume has a negative impact on vaginal pH and lactobacillus. It could actually increase the risk of vaginal infection with conditions such as bacterial vaginosis and thrush”. According to the gynaecologist then the insertion of an ice lolly in the vagina would not lead to a decrease in internal body temperatures, in fact regulated by the brain. At best, the icicle in the private parts could bring only very limited temporary relief. In short: don’t put icicles in the vagina, it’s dangerous.