Judicial troubles for Robert De Niro. The two-time Oscar winner was denounced by one of his former employees for “gender discrimination”. Graham Chase Robinson, who had previously worked for his Canal Production, would have been forced to resign from the post of vice president after being at the center of threats, insults and advances. The woman asks him for $ 12 million in compensation.

“Robert De Niro has clung to the old traditions. He does not conceive that men can treat women as equals. Nor does he care that gender discrimination in the workplace violates the law. Mrs. Robinson is a victim of this attitude”, reads the complaint. 

According to the plaintiff, the actor would have treated her as his “office wife”, forcing her to do traditional feminine tasks, paying her less than her male counterparts and denying her overtime. Attached to the charges is the recording of a message left by De Niro on the woman’s answering machine. With swearing, the actor threatens to be fired: “How dare you not answer my phone calls? You’re f-king history”.

The lawsuit is the second that sees De Niro and the former employee facing one another: the plaintiff had asked Robinson 6 million in damages for having stolen money from the company with an embezzlement.