Raped as a girl, aborted at 42, alcohol and drug abuse… Demi Moore’s life has not been easy, as evidenced by the shocking revelations that make the “Inside Out” autobiography spicy, a book to be released on September 24th.

The actress anticipates the highlights in an interview with the New York Times, highlighting some of the most painful chapters of her life. The attempted suicides of her mother Ginny, for example…

When I was still a child – she says – I had to extract the pills from my mother’s mouth with my little fingers, before she swallowed them, while my father kept her mouth open and told me how to do … Something very important was happening, my childhood was over.

Shocking experience to say the least. Then, at the age of 15 she suffered sexual abuse and was later hit by problems with her body and drugs: “The day after my sixteenth birthday I decided to go live with a guitarist,” she says. Two years later she married the rock musician Freddy Moore, with whom she remained from 1980 to 1984. But it was only the first of her three marriages.

From 1987 to 2000 Demi Moore shared life with Bruce Willis, while with Ashton Kutcher the wedding lasted from 2005 to 2013. Of this last, Demi tells a chapter never revealed: “We had just begun to go out together, it was 2003, I was 42 years old and he was 15 years younger, I got pregnant with a child, to which we would have liked to give the name of Chaplin Ray, but in the sixth month of pregnancy I had a miscarriage … “. The story made her start drinking again and taking drugs to overcome the pain.

But Demi already had three daughters with actor Bruce Willis: Rumer who is now 31, Scout who has 28 and Tallulah now 25 years old. She was right with one of them, the oldest, when she had an attack caused by having smoked too much synthetic cannabis and inhaled nitric oxide. It was 2012 and shortly thereafter she was forced to rehab.

Now I am clean – the actress concludes, who will turn 57 in November – but then I had no career or a stable relationship“.