Diabetes sufferers know that to avoid having high blood sugar one must also give up various foods, such as those containing sugar. One of the best known beliefs (but not always true) is precisely that one must avoid the fruit to defeat diabetes. 

In reality it is not so. If fruit is consumed in correct doses, it allows to regulate the blood glucose values, but also obesity, hypertension and metabolic syndrome. However, there is a particular type of fruit that is ideal for fighting high blood sugar: it is citrus fruit. 


They contain vitamins, flavonoids, fibers and antioxidants: in particular, hesperetin which inhibits some sugars thus counteracting the increase in blood sugar.

To be preferred are oranges, lemons, tangerines, cedars, grapefruits and any fruit that comes from the Citrus family. It is important to consume them fresh, just peeled, avoiding them in fruit salads as this range requires the addition of artificial sugars extremely harmful for those suffering from diabetes.


As a fruit, you must also avoid taking them in conjunction with a meal that is excessively rich in carbohydrates because this would lead to an excess of glycemia: better to associate them with vegetables.