We all know, we’re Maltese gemgem. Unfortunately many just complain without doing anything to make things better. Like, did you know we have an app we can use to report the need to clean or upkeep a public place in Malta and Gozo?

The app can be downloaded for free and its name is ‘Clean and upkeep’…

This app is another way for the citizens to teport issues regarding infrastructural maintenance or cleaning of public areas. The app gives the user the ability to take pictures of the site or item, and lets you enter details of location.

If you have your mobile location on, the message will be automatically sent with the exact location. You can also track your cases and communicate directly and anonymously with the Cleansing and Maintenance Division.

It is pretty easy to use and maybe once and for all, instead of complaining on the salott and moaning about lack of cleanliness or need for maintenance around our islands, we can report directly!