When you buy a pack of M&Ms, do you just rip open the pack and go to town on it? Some of us on our team think this was the only way. They’re sweets no? What else can you do but eat those bad boys — preferably as quickly as possible?

As it turns out, after a heated discussion at the office… there are many, many ways people enjoy their M&Ms. And ooooh boy do they feel strongly about it! Do not mess with their M&M consumption. We don’t want even to imagine the consequences!

So how many ways are there to eat M&Ms? Too many to track down all of them. But we’ve put together this compilation of some of the most amusing ways people at the office say they eat M&Ms.

The default simplest way to eat M&Ms is one at a time. But who does that? (I do!!!!) It’s a slow process. Yes, you get to savour the entire bag for as long as possible. LOL! You might think, but who has that kind of time? Well, even though time is always of the essence, when it comes to chocolate, I try to find the time! 🙂

Someone in here believes that you should eat M&Ms two at a time… The argument, we have to admit, is a compelling one – “M&Ms should be eaten two at a time. Always. Eating a handful all at once is gluttonous. And, trust me, two at a time is much more enjoyable. Eating them one at a time is unnecessarily abstemious.”

While we wholeheartedly disagree about the gluttony of a handful of M&Ms, two at a time does give you the best of two worlds. You get the satisfying volume of M&Ms in your mouth, combined with a longer-lasting pack… Hmm…

The one with OCD here in the office, said that she eats them in an organised way – by colour. Another admitted that he does the same and that sometimes single-factor organisation just isn’t enough! Oh for crying out loud! Another added… “So, two at a time. And they should be the same colour.” Well now, that’s something else entirely!

Image: Eternal Lizdom

Yes, many people pair their M&Ms before eating them. One of us has quite the system for arranging her M&Ms – each handful from the bag gets arranged into pairs. What if there are odd ones?

“This, of course, happens in a handful of M&Ms. So I created rules to make it work. Unfortunately, green and orange is not an acceptable colour combination. Green would work with brown because it’s neutral, blue because they’re both cool colours, or yellow because yellow and blue make green. Orange works with yellow because they’re both warm colours, with brown because it’s neutral, or with red because of that lovely warm rule again.”

Once they’re paired she eats them together, but… “There is a reason for all of this pairing. M&Ms must be eaten one on each side of the mouth. So I’d take the 2 orange, into the mouth, sort one to the right and one to the left. Chew and enjoy.” Well, I can understan that reasoning… I tend to do it too!

And then at the end, if there is an odd number of M&Ms in the bag: “I will bite it in half with my front teeth and then separate 1/2 to the right and 1/2 to the left”

However, now that the summer heat is with us… maybe the best way to eat M&Ms is out of the freezer…

Seriously, give it a try. Pop a bag in the freezer and then try a handful — and trust us, an entire handful will make this all the better. The added crunch provides instant gratification. As you chew and get more of the crunchiness, you can feel the coldness on your tongue. Further along — because you’ll be chewing that handful for a bit — you’ll start to feel the chocolate as it melts.

How do you eat your M&Ms?!