Red on black looks great but is also very good on white or apricot. Now let’s imagine the scene…

Christmas tree decorated, packages and parcels under it and in one, a soft toy with a nice red bow at the neck.It is a special soft toy because it is warm and moves. In fact it is not a toy, it is a dog. Emotions run wild, enthusiasm, excited children, happiness – what a wonderful gift! 

The scene of the morning after: eyes wide open because the little non-toy has cried all night, pee ponds around the house, solid deposit that if you are lucky you can see, if not you can only smell – and must be found. Nice to do a treasure hunt for one (or more, who knows, you will only find out by looking), it drooled on Christmas morning, jumping between pee and the other destroyed objects it played with after not being able to sleep all night … And it’s just the beginning!

Hours and days pass, the little creature, the hairy angel, reveals demon-like qualities, and among the owners a question emerges more and more frequently in conversations – Who made us do it? For many more than you could imagine the answer is not words but facts: the dog has to leave.

And with this we come to the point of no return and we realise that DOGS ARE NOT CHRISTMAS GIFTS!

Dogs are living beings, they are for life, they are very demanding and cost money, they cannot be considered in terms of a package.

Dogs are living beings with character, personality, feelings, emotions, states of mind. Their relationship with humans is comparable to that between parents and children, so much so that we can say that dogs are like children (but they are not children) and have important emotional, physical and mental needs. Objects? Nooooo!

Dogs are also for life, gifts are not, or at least, they are not necessarily so, although they want us to believe that diamonds are forever or that watches are handed down from generation to generation.

And their being forever is not easy. They live less than humans and within a few years the owners live experiences that are as diverse and emotionally strong as preparing the child for life. And what about facing its dementia when it becomes old? Yes, even dogs can suffer from senile dementia… and then the death of the creature, which causes enormous pain, which was recently discovered, is often superior to that resulting from the death of a human relative. Having a dog is very very demanding, both emotionally and practically. They are not objects!

Taking a dog in must be the result of a cold and rational choice, reasoned down to the last detail and even if the arrival of a dog is a gift that humans make – the experience of living with a dog is simply extraordinary, in all its joints and complications – the nature of the human-canine relationship is such that it is good not to be born under the Christmas tree.