Among the housework this is perhaps the most hated: ironing. It is tiring and above all the gesture is repeated without any satisfaction, as opposed to what happens if you devote attention and time to cook or to clean the house.

Moreover, the summer season and the hot temperatures make this activity even heavier. But trying to save time and effort is not impossible: so here are some tips to avoid succumbing between one washing and another.

Avoid spending an entire day with an iron in your hand, perhaps with the fan or air conditioner at maximum speed pointing straight at you to try to relieve the heat a little and risk getting sick, you can: just know how to hang the laundry properly. A perfectly hung laundry not only helps to reduce the quantity of clothes to iron, but it also saves us time and effort.

Sheets tend to be large and difficult to manage. They are also a headache for those who need to iron them, even though they get wrinkled immediately after the first sleep. The trick to avoid ironing is to leave enough space to spread them properly. It is strictly forbidden to fold the sheet a thousand times on itself and then hang. On the contrary, the less it is folded, the easier it will be to store in the closet without having to iron it. As for the fitted sheets, it is better to hang them from the corners, to avoid the marks of the pegs remaining and to keep the sheets well stretched.

Often the clothes hanging in the sun are more complicated to iron than when we hang them inside the home. The reason is obvious: direct sunlight makes the garments more rigid and difficult to treat, despite the use of fabric softener. The remedy? Patience for the drying rack at home. The temperatures are so high that the laundry will dry quickly anyway and we will save time and effort on the ironing board.

What about shirt? The worst enemy! Men’s shirts, even more than women’s shirts, win the trophy for the worst clothes to be ironed and for the item of clothing that takes the most time to get an acceptable result. Here is how we can do it: hang them out cunningly to minimise ironing operations. Such as? We put the shirt directly on its hanger, smoothing well the cuffs, collar and edge with the buttons.

As for trousers… thank goodness, today most trousers do not need to be ironed before being worn, especially if it’s jeans… however, there are still fabrics and cuts that require careful ironing and respect for the folds. To speed things up, or avoid ironing at all, you need to stretch your trousers correctly. And here we often make the fatal error: to hang the trousers from the legs. The right way is exactly the opposite: trousers and skirts should be hung from the waist, with one or more clips.

It’s all a question of technicalities… do you have any more tips?