The web is full of strange and unusual products, with practical utility perhaps not really very high but suitable for making an original gift, or at least to take home something suitable to rip a smile. Among these fun products there is certainly Handicorn, a sort of “costume” for your hand that can be transformed into a unicorn.

handicornWhat is it for? Probably nothing, but unicorns are always fascinating. And if you need to take your mind off during a long day at the office, it can be the right solution (of course, beware of what those who see you might think …).

If you like the idea but unicorns are not for you, do not despair: you can turn your hand into an octopus (although we advise you to look for alternative sellers to the ones we found on Amazon, as they come at the price of 219.98 Euro – probably due to imports from abroad – definitely exaggerated …).

octopus hands