A big crisis, a big and very serious crisis is the one that is announced in the new trailer of the twelfth season of Doctor Who.

The long-lived science fiction series of the BBC, which since October 2018 sees Jodie Whittaker as the protagonist, the first woman in the role of multi-faceted Doctor, will arrive with the new episodes at the beginning of the year: the new clip spread in these hours, in fact, states that the debut date is set for  January 1st 2020, to begin the decade under the banner of intergalactic travel and through time that are as always conveyed by a strange telephone booth.

In the video we see how the Thirteenth Doctor announces the arrival of a threat that could endanger his safety. This does not discourage the faithful companions, still played by  Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill.

Speaking of returns from the past, in previous advances we saw the reappearance of Cybermen, or at least one of them, among the Doctor’s historical enemies; here instead we briefly see  Stephen Fry: the famous British actor is involved in the new episodes in the role of a mysterious character, even if there are those who hypothesize it may be an antagonist.

Doctor Who number 12, which will be released in the UK starting from New Year’s Eve, is signed by show-runner Chris Chibnall, best known for being the creator of the acclaimed crime series Broadchurch, despite rumors in recent months that he had wanted out of production. Apparently, instead, he will also deal with these ten new episodes.