No, indeed! The most beloved blonde in the world, in fact, is not only thirst quenching and refreshing, but it would also be good for bones, as long as it contains silicon. Drunk moderately (exaggerating would cause the opposite effect, or otherwise would have negative consequences), beer could help protect the mineral density of bones. Ġib pinta Ġorġ!

This is revealed by several studies, including that of the University of Tufts, near Boston, Massachusetts.

adult-alcoholic-beverage-aleAmong other things, moderate consumption of beer can also help athletes ‘recover’ after an effort. A professor from the University of Granada, in southern Spain, explained that thanks to its organoleptic characteristics and its composition, beer – its contribution of mineral salts – can be useful after having sweated a lot, contributing to recovery.

It is also known that beer is not very caloric, therefore, for those who want to keep the line, it is better to toast with a blonde rather than with a glass of wine.

P.S.: Did you know that beer was considered an alcoholic beverage in Russia only in 2011 ?