Does a glass of red wine make you lose weight? A glass of red wine drunk in the evening, equals an hour of gym? The news that has been around the web is based on American research that would have confirmed that red wine makes you lose weight and following some precautions can be safely compared to an hour of gym in terms of support to lose weight quickly.

According to these news red wine would make you lose weight because it contains resveratrol, a substance that prevents fat cells from increasing their density. In this way it becomes more difficult for the fat to accumulate. But it’s not true. This is a buffalo. Here is the truth.

The fake news about the red wine that makes you lose weight and the glass of red wine that, drunk in the evening, is equivalent to an hour of gym, was dismantled by the same American researcher, Jason Dyck. The study, in fact, had been conducted on a particular substance, resveratrol, also present in wine, which in massive doses would help sport performance.

Achieving the same result only by drinking wine – explains Dyck – would mean drinking between 100 and 1000 bottles a day“.

Red wine benefits: why drinking it (without excess) is good for the body 

Red wine does not make you lose weight but has other beneficial effects on the body. In fact, other research allows us to say with a certain degree of certainty that this drink is also useful for regulating blood pressure . In particular, red wine would make it possible to lower it and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.