In recent weeks the top range Samsung are experiencing troubled situations with regard to autonomy, which is certainly not the flagship of the S series. After the problems encountered on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, a new bug is driving some of the owners of the new Galaxy S10 crazy. This is because they found themselves with a battery that was almost completely discharged easily without apparent reason.


Actually the reason is there and it is linked to a Tap to Wake malfunction, that is to say the function that allows you to wake up the screen by doing a double tap. Some users have reported that the awakening of the screen is activated even when it should not, for example when the smartphone is in your pocket or purse, and this causes the activation of all the other sensors of the device, with the consequent draining of the battery. .


Galaxy S10

But there is good news for European users: for now the reports refer only to the version sold in the United States, the one with the Snapdragon 855 processor, so it is possible that the bug is isolated only to this specific variant of S10.

Have you noticed any problems with the range or malfunctions on your new Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments and confirm that the problem is not present on European models.