Dogs attacking sharks? If it weren’t for the incredible video, it would be something hard to believe. Especially if the sharks in question are big and hungry. But let’s start from the beginning…

We are along the Australian coast, the white sand and the unusually calm ocean, the ideal place to take a walk with the dogs. The beach is deserted and in the water there is not a living soul, or almost. Yes, because nobody, except the dogs, seems to have noticed that, a few meters from the shore, two large sharks are swimming.

Animals Aquatic Black And White SharkProbably hunting for a school of fish had them driven into shallow waters. The sharks are getting closer and closer. At that point, the dogs decide to enter the water. At first out of curiosity then, the three bold dogs begin to attack. First one, then the other shark, then both together. Repeatedly and without any fear, dogs continue to attack.

Another dog is added to the fray and the battle continues. So much to force one of the sharks, almost to dry land with the risk of remaining beached. Meanwhile, even the owners, left on the beach, realising what was happening and the danger that their dogs ran.

They scream in the hope of getting them back but there seems nothing one can do. Thus, the attack continues until, to the surprised and defeated poor sharks, there is nothing to do but to retreat, seeking the tranquility of the deeper waters.