The shocking words of an American priest of the Catholic Church fuel the indignation: “Paedophilia does not kill anyone, abortion does”. It is the reverend  Richard Bucci, priest of the Church of the Sacred Heart of West Warwick (USA), to declare during an interview that abortion is worse than paedophilia because it is “a massacre of innocent children”. The interview was conducted by WJAR, a NBC affiliated broadcaster.

“We are not talking about any other moral problem, where someone could make a comparison between paedophilia and abortion”, says the American priest. “Because paedophilia does not kill anyone, abortion does. I can only repeat what the Church and Canon Law and the Catechism teach. I don’t know what other evidence I should present”.

The American priest then underlined during the interview with the television broadcaster that the number of abused children is lower than that of abortions, claiming that all this does not mean “that abuse is not a horrible thing”.