A library in Newtown, Australia, had an original idea: to wrap the books, so that they are not chosen based on the cover but because of their content. And it seems that the thing is having a great success. The title of the book is not even mentioned on the packaging, but instead some key words, in order to remove even this element of “distortion” from the choice.

According to the owner of the library, the problem of many people is that they find themselves undecided when they choose a book, and not knowing which to choose they rely on elements that are not really so indicative, like the cover. In any case, the bookcase allows you to return the book within seven days of purchase, in the event that it was a book that the buyer has already read.

Many are the positive judgements of the idea, baptised “Blind date with a book”, because it would allow us to discover something new, compared to a more conscious choice on the one hand but limited on the other when buying a book knowing exactly what it is being bought and many are underlining how experience has allowed them to expand their tastes.

It seems however that they are like gifts that the “Wrapped” books are especially appreciated, since they simplify the choice of the gift. And furthermore, according to some, they take responsibility away from those who make the gift, because being a surprise even for those who buy the book, they eliminate responsibility in case the book does not like it.