Buying a used freezer for only 30 dollars (about 26 Euro) would seem a great bargain… First, however, it’s a good idea to check what’s inside, and avoid any unpleasant ‘surprises’!

In North Carolina, for example, a woman sold a freezer for $30 to her neighbour, but omitted a “small” detail: her 75 year old mother was in the freezer. The freezer was sealed with duct tape and the woman had told her neighbour that it was a Sunday project.

chest freezer

The unfortunate buyer then said that she had been asked by the woman not to open the freezer until someone in the church would go to her to pick up the contents.

A few weeks later she still didn’t show up. At that point the neighbour decided – unfortunately for her – to open the recent purchase, finding in it the remains of the neighbour’s mother.

In addition to the fear, think of the difficulty for the woman in being able to tell the incredible story to the police …