Gone were the days when one could go walk by a public garden, sit down and maybe have a nap in the sun… let’s admit it, we have all done something similar at least once in our lives…

Ours would be when we attended Junior College… you have those free hours when all you want to do is just eat and be lazy! We would all walk to the Msida marina and lie down on benches soaking the sun.

adult-bench-business-man-272064Sleeping rough on public benches has been effectively criminalised in Malta’s second largest locality – Birkirkara – after the council unanimously approved a by-law to stop people from sleeping inside its public gardens. 

Anyone found loitering in any road in Birkirkara, is liable to a fine of €65 and to a further fine not exceeding €15 for every day during which one of the provisions of the by-law is breached.

Birkirkara is now the third locality in Malta to criminalise loitering within the entirety of its boundaries, after Marsa and Hamrun. Marsa was the first locality to introduce a law against loitering in June 2018. A similar by-law was approved by the Hamrun council in September.