Is the quarry in Ta’ Kandja claiming young lives? The tragedy on Boxing Day was not the first time a young boy lost his life in the same quarry.

On Boxing Day, young Nicholas Zammit lost his life in a tragic freak accident in a quarry in Ta’ Kandja. The seven-year-old boy from Qrendi was killed after being crushed to death by a bulldozer. The tragic incident happened on Thursday morning, shortly after 7am, when the unmanned construction vehicle, which was parked on a ramp, started moving downwards, hitting the child, according to the police.

History shows that this has not been the first accident in site. In fact, on January 13, 1963, in a quarry at Ta’ Kandja, limits of Mqabba, 15-year-old Ninu Borg and his cousin, 10-year-old Peter Psaila drowned in the rainwater that had collected in the quarry.

The accident happened when the children were using a part of a large cable reel as a raft to go from one side of the quarry to the other. The reel overturned, sending Peter into the water. Unfortunately, the boy did not know how to swim and when Borg jumped into the water to save his cousin he met the same fate.

In the meantime, the funeral of young Nicholas is being planned. The family announced that anyone wishing to bid farewell to this angel should do so this Saturday 4th pf January at Qrendi’s parish church at 8:30am. People are being urged to wear white.