Drinking gin and tonic can help you burn calories faster. It seems incredible considering we are still talking about alcohol. But according to scientists, the effects of gin are excellent for our metabolism. Obviously if used with caution. Researchers have recently uncovered some rather surprising evidence that this type of alcohol can indeed be rich in health benefits and can actually do a good number of good things for your well-being.

The experiment was tested on mice. Half of them were given water, at the other half gin. Scientists then observed how many calories they were able to burn during a given period of time. Mice in the gin group showed an increase in their metabolic rate, meaning they burned a much higher amount of calories than the group that drank water.

Gin And Tonic

Some of them have shown a dramatic increase of 17% in terms of metabolic rate. It is something that scientists call “post-burn effect”. This effect increases the metabolism while the liver is degrading alcohol. The popular alcoholic drink, was actually seen as a healing elixir in the Middle Ages. In fact, its formation comes from juniper berries. These small dark purple berries have super-eating properties that can be extremely beneficial to the human body.

The health benefits of juniper berries are actually quite impressive. They are also known to help prevent infection, fight heart disease, prevent kidney and liver diseases and improve blood circulation.The important thing is to use it properly and, above all, not to drive after drinking it .