New old family photos of the Duchess of Sussex, new images of her as a child give us hope. Together with her mother Dora Ragland (with African braids) or with her girlfriends. Or alone, as a teenager, in the 90s, with a dress typical of those years with very thin straps…

Have a look at these photos of the Duchess of Sussex… the girl next door who married a Prince… a modern day fairy tale…

Meghan Markle, after all, still has her inner child even though she became the Duchess of Sussex and mother to Archie. Here it is, in an image of a few months ago. With her beautiful long hair and a mischievous tongue. Who knows how many times she must have done it as a child. The photos of Meghan as a child are increasingly numerous on social media. And we have collected the best – Instagram photos…

Meghan Markle’s beautiful afro hair gathered. But the curls and curly tufts come out from all sides! Meghan as a child doesn’t care and laughs happily – Instagram photo

What a head, Meghan! As a teen, in the 90s, with the typical dress of those years with very thin straps – Instagram photo @

Meghan Markle’s trapeze hair. Together with his mother (with pigtails) Dora Ragland – Instagram photo @

From the family album of Meghan Markle, here are photos of the baby Duchess of Sussex. Indeed, in this image, which Uncle Joseph Johnson showed to the Daily Mail, Meghan has only a few hours and is in the arms of his mother Doria Ragland. It is August 4, 1981. We are in Los Angeles hospital – photo Daily Mail

The young Meghans and Harry, both with their mothers, Doria and Lady Diana… the features that distinguish them now that they are adults are recognisable – Instagram photos

Meghan Markle as a child is almost unrecognisable. Her freckles are many more and much darker. And her hair is exuberantly African … – Instagram photo

Meghan Markle with a striped dress: the requisites for becoming a fashion icon are all there – Instagram photos

The newborn Meghan with her grandmother Jeanette – photo Daily Mail

Meghan and Harry as children. When it is said that opposites attract… Meghan is a teen who dreams of Hollywood, Harry the perfect English Lord – Instagram photo

Meghan a few weeks after birth. I wonder if the Royal Baby looks like her… – photo Daily Mail

The first steps of Meghan Markle. The elegant posture of a diva can already be seen – photo Daily Mail

Meghan, curly hair that is growing and first teeth in sight – Instagram photos

Meghan is one year – Instagram photos

Meghan… her hair has already completely revolutionised itself compared to childhood. No  longer curly… – Instagram photos

Birthday at the park for Meghan Markle who unwraps her gift, dressed only in a pair of shorts – Instagram photos

Meghan, curly baby, together with a cousin – Instagram photos

At the park, with striped mini dress, in the arms of her mother Doria Ragland – Instagram photos

Meghan a few days old with her father – Instagram photos

Meghan, big girl, with gathered hair. The expression is the same as now – Instagram photos

This image of a teen Meghan Markle suggests what she might look like if she had afro hair now… needless to say she would look fantastic! – Instagram photos

Meghan and Harry, children. Opposites attract, part two – Instagram photos

Meghan in high school with a curly ponytail – Instagram photos

Meghan as a little girl dressed as a princess of fairy tales. Her fable really came true – Instagram photos

Meghan Markle has a baby in her arms! It’s not the Royal Baby, though – Instagram photos

Meghan’s crop / bonnet – Instagram photos

Maxi ponytail and denim dungarees: Meghan along with her father does not seem very happy in this photo – Instagram photo