It has been reported that Dutch authorities are investigating a situation onboard an airplane at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam. Many messages are circulating on Twitter about a possible hijacking of an Air Europa aircraft that would be the only one near the D pier. These messages cannot be confirmed by the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and Schiphol itself.

The aircraft was bound for Madrid. This is also reported by AeroNews which adds  the hijacking attempt was possibly done on an Air Europa A330, flight UX1094 bound for Madrid.

BNO reports “A major security alert has been declared at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands and some areas have been evacuated, officials and witnesses say. Only few details are available but a large number of emergency services are at the scene.

The incident began at about 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday when emergency services were called for an incident at Schiphol Airport, one of Europe’s busiest airports. Military police said the incident involves a “suspicious situation” on board a plane.

A GRIP-3 report was issued just after 7 p.m., which means that there is a ‘potential threat to the well-being of the population within a municipality’.

A large number of emergency services were called to the scene, including heavily-armed police, ambulances, and a medical helicopter. Sources told RTL Nieuws that the situation involves a departing Air Europe flight. Dutch news website NU said the Special Interventions Service has arrived at the scene.

Less than 30 minutes later, an evacuation was ordered at Utrecht Central Station, which is the country’s busiest railway station, when someone pressed a fire alarm, officials said. The alert was cancelled a few minutes later and there was no indication it is linked to the situation at Schiphol.

Police have swarmed to Schiphol Airport this evening after reports of a suspected hijacking during boarding of a plane.

There are unconfirmed reports that men armed with knives have attempted to hijack an Air Europa plane that was due to fly to Madrid this evening.

At least 27 passengers were on board when the hijacking alert was reportedly triggered.

Some flights at the airport have been grounded, according to a passenger on a plane that had been due to take off this evening. As previously mentioned, a so-called Grip 3 report has been issued by special forces in the Netherlands, reports De Telegraaf. This happens with ‘an incident or serious event with major consequences for the population’.

At 7.43pm (UK time) Dutch special forces said that all the crew and passengers were safely off the aircraft.

The pilot of a departing flight activated a hijacking alert during the boarding process, according to Dutch broadcaster NOS, citing sources with the military police. Various gates are closed at the airport and passengers are being kept at a distance.

“There is a suspicious situation and that’s all I can say,” a spokesman for the military police said.

Pete Martin wrote on Twitter: “Stuck on a plane just landed at Schiphol. We are waiting on the runaway taxing area. Just been told by captain about a serious incident.”

The official Twitter account for the airport wrote: “The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee is currently investigating a situation on board of a plane at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.”

No injuries have been reported.