Panic and fear in Albania, where the earth has repeatedly trembled due to a very strong earthquake, the most violent of the last 30 years, not far from the capital Tirana and 1 km from Durres.

A quake of magnitude 5.8, with an epicenter 34 kilometers from the capital and 10 kilometers deep, also felt in Puglia that has sown terror. People immediately rushed to the streets while the first budgets talked about dozens of injuries and several houses collapsed.

According to initial data, 68 people were hospitalised in Tirana and Durazzo, the two places where the earthquake was felt the most. Among these there would be a person in serious condition while for others it would only be light injuries in various parts of the body. “Many were injured while fleeing their homes,” explained Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu, announcing that “all hospital facilities are committed to dealing with any situation”.

At least 110 houses and 7 buildings damaged between Tirana and Durazzo.

Prime Minister Rama, of early return to Albania, convened an extraordinary nightly meeting of the government to take stock of the situation.