A search some time ago showed that testosterone levels are correlated with the consumption of spicy food. But does spicy food affect long-term health? And how? 

A group of researchers used a large population survey to examine the relationship between chili consumption and mortalityThe study found that the consumption of chili peppers is correlated with a statistically significant 13% reduction in the “instantaneous danger of death”. It must be said that the one found by the researchers is a correlation but it is not yet proven if there is a cause-effect relationship at the moment.


The scientific evidence based on the health effects of spice consumption is insufficient, with only a large population study and no reports from Europe or North America. Our goal was to analyse the association between the consumption of hot red peppers and mortality,” the researchers wrote in the study.

A total of 4,946 deaths were detected during the study. The total mortality for participants who consumed chilli was 21.6% compared to 33.6% for those who did not: a decidedly substantial difference, which suggests to researchers that the consumption of spicy foods may be beneficial for the health.