It’s difficult, or maybe even impossible, to find a parent who has never shouted at the top of their lungs with their child. Something almost natural, especially in the face of exhaustion that can come when we are facing very lively children. Yet it is increasingly difficult to find an honest educator, aware of his role and competent on the things he has studied, that does not recognise a simple truth: screaming is not necessary.

The distinction is not difficult to do. It is one thing to find ourselves putting our voices up during a discussion or after a specific episode; and another thing, to raise the voice at maximum volume as a method, to be heard, to be respected, to educate a child.


It is, in fact, a wrong method and a waste of energy, which can only make relationships worse, as explained in the book “Scream is no use” by pedagogist Daniele Novara. “Education, does not abandon itself to anger, “explains Novara,” Do not be offended and do not retaliate”

As for rules, Novara remembers that in the family we must not exaggerate with words and endless discussions: children only need few and clear instructions. A good idea, to be applied even outside the home.

Moreover, as we read in the description of the book, being heard by children has never been simple, and the lack of time associated with stress makes this task even more difficult. That’s why many parents find themselves raising their voices. But it is an ineffective method, which does not give the desired results with children.

This book is aimed precisely at parents suggesting how to learn to control their emotional reactions so as to be able to be heard; and manage in the best way the conflicts that are generated every day with children.