The egg contains cholesterol in the yolk (the red part) but not everyone knows that in the albumen (white) contains a protein able to ‘balance’ the cholesterol itself. This feature makes the egg nutritionally perfect. However, care must be taken with the cooking mode.

The safest way to cook eggs

When we cook the eggs directly in the pan over high heat, the sudden heat destroys the “protective” protein of the albumen, while the cholesterol of the yolk remains intact. And so it becomes risky for the cardiovascular system especially if it is consumed in excess.

So to cook eggs while keeping their nutritional balance intact…. A useful tip is to cook them with less direct heat for about 15/20 minutes, using a pan full of water on the fire which will cook the eggs slowly. In this way their consumption is safer and, nutritionally, they can also be eaten 2-3 a week for women and 4 for men (especially if they practice a lot of sport).