A closeup with a wild bear… we would have fainted on the spot and nobody would have ever heard of us again! But, a North Carolina man survived the bear attack only by making small scratches and bruises. He avoided the worst by repeatedly hitting the animal in the face with his fists!

Sonny Pumphrey, 78, said he was in his driveway in the White Oak neighborhood of Haywood County, when one of the bears and his two puppies approached his house. Pumphrey said the puppies ran away when they saw him, but the bear attacked him.


“He charged against me, staring into my eyes,” the man said. “The only thing I could do was punch her nose,” Pumphrey wrote in a Facebook post.

The man said that the animal then bit him and he reacted repeatedly by hitting the bear in the head. The man’s wife, Betty, and the Yorkie dog got out of the house to find out what that noise was, and their presence definitely convinced the bear to escape. Pumphrey said he was lucky to get away with only minor injuries. “I could have died, I could have really hurt myself,” he commented.