On Tuesday, Las Vegas police released transit surveillance footage that captured the shocking moment a disgruntled bus rider shoved an elderly man out the door of the vehicle, causing him to fall on the sidewalk below, USA Today reported.
Witnesses told police the woman was making a scene on the bus moments before the incident. They reported she had been yelling profanities at other passengers while travelling on the bus with her son. It’s unclear what the woman was saying to the other riders. Footage inside the bus prior to the incident shows the woman making some kind of scene while standing at the front of the bus.
Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

As the bus pulls up to a stop, the elderly man passes by the woman in the aisle. He can be seen in the video first struggling to free his foldable cart from where he had stashed it between two seats. The elderly man can be seen sitting in front of the woman on the bus. He appears in the video to be watching the woman while she speaks and readying himself to get off the bus as his stop approaches.

Another camera angle of the incident shows the woman stepping up to the elderly man and shoving him. It also shows several visibly shocked bus riders’ reactions to witnessing this. As he approaches the woman, the two seem to have some sort of brief verbal exchange. This appears to be the moment where witnesses allege he told the woman that she should “be nicer to the passengers.”
Image: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

Following the exchange, the man turns to exit the bus. It is at this point that the surveillance footage switches to show a view from behind the man as he starts towards the open bus doors. The woman can be seen using both her hands to shove the man out the doors. The force of her push causes the man to land on the sidewalk out front of the bus where he lays motionless.

After shoving the man off the bus, the woman turns and walks down the aisle towards the back. Witnesses have reported the woman then got off the bus and walked past the elderly man on the sidewalk with her son. The elderly man was identified as 74-year-old Serge Fournier.
Watch the video below…