Here’s one curious and unusual death… She faints at home and dies from a trivial accident. Elena Struthers-Gardner, a former jockey, now retired, aged 60, has fainted while she was in her house but fell on a metal straw that pierced her eyeball and killed her.

Her death, as Metro also reports, is unbelievable. The woman was in her home in Poole, in the English Dorset. She had been walking since the age of 21, after a terrible fall from a horse, and she seems to be crossing the apartment, from the kitchen to the living room, with a glass and a metal straw inside. She simply wanted to enjoy a drink but she stumbled after she fainted and the straw pierced her brain.

To find out what had happened was Elena’s wife who immediately called for help but right away was told that the chances of her surviving were very low. Despite the doctors’ attempts, the 60-year-old in fact didn’t make it, her brain trauma was too severe.