Esplora is providing online content to reach out to everyone at home. This initiative started as from Tuesday 17th March.

Esplora’s team members are currently working on videos, graphics and animations which are all aimed at disseminating fun content online through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Esplora’s website.

As an Interactive Science Centre, Esplora is always responding to current events and hence, due to the present situation, some of the material will deal with Immunity, Health and Safety. Some of the experiments shared, will be aimed so that families could safely do at home. Other material will include scientific facts and myth busters.

Every Friday, Esplora’s Programme Development Team, through Esplora’s website blog, will be delivering some interesting science projects.

For these fun activities visit:

  • Website:¬†
  • Facebook: @esploramalta
  • Instagram: EsploraMalta
  • YouTube: Esplora Channel