In 2004, CPLOL created European Day in order to increase awareness of the SLT profession throughout Europe. It was considered essential to develop public awareness about communication disorders, their effect on human health, the rights of patients with communication disorders and ways to help them.

The message of European day is that the prevention of communication disorders may gain by sharing knowledge and experience throughout Europe. With that in mind, one theme is proposed each year, and where possible, a common slogan and shared materials are used.

The keyword is “information”. Information about possible speech-language and communication disorders, about the work of SLTs, about CPLOL and the local organisations; information to increase both the public and the authorities’ awareness of what SLTs do and information to clients (patients about their rights and what kind of help they can get and where). It is also an aim in itself to increase the SLTs’ activities and engagement on European day all over Europe.

European Organisation of Speech and Language Therapists (CPLOL) celebrates European Day of Speech and Language Therapy on 6 March 2019.

european speech and language therapy day