Just minutes after we released the article about the possible mistake by the EBU, which you can read by clicking HERE… we get this wonderful news!

Michela is up two places in the ranking of the final outcome of Eurovision, after an error in the final result was revealed. Michela is now showing as having placed fourteenth in the finals. Might not be a big change, but still an improvement it is… YET this makes us wonder… how many other mistakes were there? And, was this the only time it happened? Is there more to it? Have we always been right to suspect something was fishy when it came to voting!?

In an official statement issued by the Eurovision Broadcasting Union, it was stated that the votes of the jury of Belarus were cancelled after they had revealed how they had voted in the first semi-final, since voting had not taken place according to the EBU regulations.

Thus, for the final, the EBU took an approximate result of the country that had voted in a similar way, to replace the vote of the jury from Belarus. It was claimed that this calculation was approved by Ernst & Young.

However, after evaluation routine, the EBU said it had used the wrong approximate result due to human error. So now they are fixing this result. This error did not affect the result of the televoting of 41 countries, nor the winner and the first four songs.

Meanwhile, ‘Chameleon’ became viral on Spotify and is now in third place in the world ranking.