Summer full of professional and sentimental satisfactions for Alessandro Mahmood. The winner of the Sanremo Festival and the Italian representative singer for the Eurovision song festival 2019, celebrates in Mykonos the umpteenth success of the song “Soldi”, which has also conquered Greece… but he is not alone.

“Chi” has immortalised him together with Dario Faini, his own producer of “Soldi” and his travel companion, and not only, of the young singer.

Mahmood and Faini, aka Dardust, musician, pianist, who collaborates with the greatest of Italian music (including Jovanotti), have never lost sight of each other throughout the holiday.

In Mykonos, a Greek island frequented mainly by VIPs, they have preferred to retreat to less noisy and glamorous beaches and carve out moments of intimacy and privacy, including baths, whirlpools, sunscreen spread to one another, sitting under the sun and selfies.

The agreement seems perfect, at least to what the shots of “Chi” show, in which the two appeared very intimate and although theirs is not a formalised relationship, even on social media there are clues: one follows the other to the sound of “like” and tender comments and for fans it’s enough.