Visit this year’s edition of Science in the Citadel in Gozo to discover more about Malta’s nature reserves and the scientific study of bird ringing which helps us to learn more about birds and monitor their movements thus giving us an insight into several aspects of their lives. 

citadel science poster


This year’s edition will focus on:

 ? Nature at our reserves… and in Gozo 

You will find out how easily you can connect to nature and enjoy birds in their natural environment when you visit our nature reserves. Did you know that we manage four nature reserves? Have you ever visited Għadira, Simar, Salina or Foresta 2000? What about nature in Gozo? Gozo has its natural spots, but isn’t it about time that the sister island also has its own nature reserve?  

? The importance of bird ringing as a conservation tool 

Bird ringing is a scientific tool used to study birds. It is amazing how much a little ring can tell about the journeys that birds make, their migration patterns, survival rate, productivity and more. At Science in the Citadel the focus will be on the importance of this vital conservation tool for the study of Malta’s seabirds which is presently being monitored through the ongoing LIFE Arċipelagu Garnija project. 

 ? Where can you find us 

In the Nature Zone. The stand will be part of the Science Fair which will be situated in the Citadel Ditch.   


Science in the Citadel is Gozo’s own science festival! It takes place within the historic walls of the Citadel in Victoria. It is a free one-day festival that celebrates the best of science and technology innovation, research and practice on the Maltese Islands, with exhibitions relevant to Gozo’s biodiversity, geology, agriculture, seas and skies. This year’s will be the third edition of the festival. Click here for the official brochure.