We all know that dreadful feeling of knowing you have to spend hours at an airport. Maybe for a connection flight or maybe because something has come up and our flight has been delayed. What do you do when this happens? There’s a limit of how much you can eat or walk around, especially if the airport is a small one! It gets only worse when we have no internet access. Luckily, one clever guy came up with a solution to this problem.

man holding tablet computer

Anil Polat. a computer security engineer and travel blogger launched an interactive map which offers its users WIFI passwords of networks in airports all over the world. We hve checked it out and it’s pretty simple to use. You just have to click on the specific airport you are in and the information about the available connections instantly pop up. The map is updated regularly and it features more than 130 airports around the world. Its downloadable offline version as well!

For the map click here!