On Sunday, April 28th, those students who have acquired their first visa by Heritage Malta Passport are invited to an exclusive event to be held in Neolithic Temples in Corradino Paola. This visa is granted to students when they collect ten stamps during their visits to ten sites and museums of Heritage Malta. Two adults can accompany each student for this special occasion.

The Corradino Temples III managed to escape the fate of similar temples that were nearby, which were destroyed to make way for development. Although the site has been hit by a bomb during the Second World War, which caused damages, the place remained preserved and protected by a wall surrounding its perimeter. The archaeological site consists of two temples which have certain peculiarities. 

For this first event, Corradino Temples will be open in the morning and there will be four guided tours. Visits begin at 9.15am and continue hourly, with the last one at 12.15pm. Those who have the Heritage Malta Visa Passport are encouraged to book tickets. There will be an interesting activity after each visit.

Tickets are free and can be acquired from each site and Heritage Malta museum. These tickets must be presented to gain access to the site since this event is only for those who have Visa of Heritage Malta Passport.

More information is available on the website of Heritage Malta  http://www.heritagemalta.org

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